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Status Beats / From Tunis to Belgium

Status Beats
From Tunis to Belgium
{{langos=='en'?('20/02/2017' | todate):('20/02/2017' | artodate)}} - Issue 4.1
Hosted by Huda Asfour

Huda Asfour speaks to Ghalia Ben Ali about her career as a musician, her work as a graphic designer, and
visual artist and the intersection between her worlds.


Ghalia Benali
Ghalia Benali

Tunisian singer and songwriter based in Belgium.

Ghalia Benali (born December 21, 1968) is a Tunisian singer, songwriter, writer and graphic designer. Her music has been noted for its attribution to multiple genres and defining contemporary Arabic music . Benali’s southern Tunisian upbringing and fascination with Middle Eastern and Arab legendary artists is palpable in her music style. Her voice has been dubbed as multicultural and polymorphic.

Born in Brussels, Belgium, and raised in Zarzis, Tunisia, Benali embarked on her music career in the early 90s, during the up rise of the world music phenomena which exposed her to different cultures, essences and philosophies. After finishing her science and mathematics studies at the age of 19, Benali returned to Brussels to study graphic design at the Institue Saint-Luc of Graphic Arts. Soon she became a widely recognized songstress in Europe and in 2012 she made her first debut on an Arab stage.

Some of the most prominent projects Benali has worked on are Kafichanta, Wild Harissa, Romeo and Leila, Al Palna and The Indian Hadra, Ghalia Benali sings Oum Kalthoum, Allegory of Desire and MwSOUL. In addition to acting debuts and collaborations with international bands such as Spy from Cairo, Mad Professor, The Metropole Orchestra. 

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