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Politics in the Time of Corona / Politics in the Time of Corona - EP. 5: Beyond Incarceration in Iran

Specialist on carceral systems, Golnar Nikpour, discusses Iranian carceral policy around the pandemic (Photo by Hamid Reza Nikoumaram - CC 4.0)
Politics in the Time of Corona
Politics in the Time of Corona - EP. 5: Beyond Incarceration in Iran
{{langos=='en'?('01/04/2020' | todate):('01/04/2020' | artodate)}} - Issue 7.1

Jadaliyya's Noura Erakat and Bassam Haddad discuss developments in Iran with Golnar Nikpour, co-editor of Jadaliyya's Iran Page and Assistant Professor of History at Dartmouth.

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Iran Statistics (As of March 29)

- Total confirmed cases: 38,309
- Total confirmed deaths: 2,609
- Total confirmed recoveries: 12,391
- Total active cases: 23,278
- Total open critical or severe cases: 3,206 (14%)
- Average daily number of deaths in past week: 136/day

Some prominent figures who have died from the disease: Mohammad Mirmohammadi (Member of the Expediency Council), Nasser Shabani (Senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Commander), Fatemeh Rahbar (conservative politician and four-time Parliamentarian, died before the start of her fourth term)

Some prominent figures who have contracted the disease: Iraj Harirchi (Deputy Minister of Health), Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani (MP, Qom), Ali Akbar Velayati (Senior Advisor to Supreme Leader Khamenei for International Affairs)

Some Important Dates:
- January 26th: Government claims COVID-19 has not and will not spread to Iran
- February 19: The Ministry of Health announced two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the city of Qom, which is a center for religious learning in the country. The Ministry later announced that both individuals died. On February 21, new cases were reported in Tehran and the province of Gilan. Parliamentary elections were held to record low turnout despite the risk of spreading contagion.
- March 9: Approx. 70,000 detainees are released on medical furlough
- March 13th, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei implies that the virus might be a "biological attack"
- March 19th, March 20th, and March 25th: There were revolts of incarcerated people in Tabriz and in two cities in the province of Lorestan in response to COVID-19 fears and to new lockdown measures introduced in wake of the spread of COVID-19.


Golnar Nikpour
Golnar Nikpour

Assistant Professor of History at Dartmouth College

Golnar Nikpour is Assistant Professor of History at Dartmouth College and co-editor of Jadaliyya's Iran Page. Nikpour is a scholar of modern Iranian political and intellectual history, with a particular interest in the history of law, incarceration, and rights. She is currently finishing her first book, The Incarcerated Modern: Prisons and Public Life in Iran, a study of prisons and punishment in 19th-21st century Iran that situates the expansion of Iran's modern prison system (and public discourses on those prisons) in the context of the global expansion of incarceration. Nikpour is also a member of the Radical History Review editorial collective as well as co-founder and co-editor of B|ta’arof, a journal for Iranian arts and writing, where she has written extensively on the intellectual and cultural histories of Iran and its diaspora.

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