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Active Voices / An interview with Aleppine composer and Oud player Fawaz Baker

Active Voices
An interview with Aleppine composer and Oud player Fawaz Baker
{{langos=='en'?('06/03/2020' | todate):('06/03/2020' | artodate)}} - Issue 7.1

Courtesy of the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship at the American University of Beirut.

Watch the interview:


Fawaz Baker
Fawaz Baker

Composer, oud player, singer, and instructor hailing from Aleppo

A lifelong musician, Fawaz Baker was a professional architect before devoting himself exclusively to music. From accompanying singers on the accordion as a child, to the keyboards and then double bass, he has explored various music spaces (hard rock, jazz, blues) and devoted years to studying musicology and the multiple influences of Aleppine music (Ottoman, Iranian, Armenian, Indian and Central Asian, including the Sufi tradition).

The war ended up tearing this Oud player away from hometown and from everything he had built, though he has long sought to continue in solidarity with his people: he led the Aleppo Conservatory of Music for several years where, he said, «the greatest challenge was composing between the teaching of Western classical music and that of traditional Eastern music.» B

Beyond the joy and sadness, the music allows him to build new sentiments and create a new memory. As part of his commitment, Fawaz Baker spends much of his time in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon passing on his passion for music to children, showing them how to re-learn silence, far from the noise of war. He is an associate artist at Quartz in Brest until 2020.

For more information, visit Baker's Facebook page.

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