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Active Voices / Drawing the Syrian Revolution

Dima Nashawi
Active Voices
Drawing the Syrian Revolution
{{langos=='en'?('20/11/2018' | todate):('20/11/2018' | artodate)}} - Issue 6.1

Dr. Hassan Abbas of the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship interviewed illustrator, freelance artist, clown and storyteller Dima Nashawi about her work and how it intersects with human rights issues around the world.

Watch the interview:


Dima Nashawi
Dima Nashawi

Founder of Memory Initiative of Syrian Culture project (MISC).

Dima Nashawi is an artist, storyteller, clown. She is the founder of Memory Initiative for Syrian Culture (MISC), where she creates stories told through visual art that reflect her own memory and narrative from within the Syrian collective experience. Using her art as a platform, she also engages in global human rights advocacy. Her main focus is to advocate for the prisoners of consciousness and the forcibly disappeared.

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