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Diana Buttu on Palestinian Struggle and The Case for The One-State Solution

Diana Buttu

Interviewed by Khalil Bendib
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On this edition of VOMENA, Khalil Bendib speaks with international lawyer, activist and former PLO negotiator Diana Buttu about the state of the Palestinian struggle at a time when international collusion by colonialist regimes worldwide is frantically stifling a cause that has become a rallying cry for movements against injustice everywhere.


Diana Buttu
Diana Buttu

Ramallah-based analyst and former legal advisor and negotiator with the Palestine Liberation Organization

Diana Buttu is a lawyer specializing in negotiations, international law, and international human rights law. Early in her career, Buttu worked as a negotiator on the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, serving as the only female negotiator during her five-year tenure. She was a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Law School. She also held a fellowship at the Stanford Center for Conflict Resolution and Negotiation. Buttu holds a BA from the University of Toronto, a JD from Queens University in Canada, an LLM from the University of Toronto, a JSM from Stanford University, and an executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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