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Alternative Frequencies, Episode 2 - The Political Establishment: Between Reform and Interests

Sami Zoughaib

Interviewed by Nadim El-Kak
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Nadim El Kak is joined by Sami Zgheib to discuss Lebanon’s financial crisis, the structural factors that lead to it, negotiations with the IMF, past failures to implement reforms, and why the political establishment is so averse to policy change despite the dire need for outside financing.


Music by Carol-ElShaar – follow her on Soundcloud.


These two "Government Monitors" by LCPS cover the performance of Hariri's last government during its 9-months tenure, prior to the former PM's resignation last October:

1- What Have Lebanese Ministries Done?

2- Lebanese Government: A Dismal Performance.

These three policy briefs cover the CEDRE Reform Program:

1- CEDRE Capital Investment Plan: Scrutinizing the Allocation of Projects and Funds Across Regions.

2- The CEDRE Reform Program Needs a Credible Action Plan.

3- CEDRE Conference: The Need for a Strong Reporting Mechanism.

For more from LCPS and "Alternative Frequencies":

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Sami Zoughaib
Sami Zoughaib

Public policy researcher focussed on Lebanese politics and poltiical economy.

Sami Zoughaib is a public policy researcher at the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS) – an independent think-tank based in Beirut. He holds an M.A. in Public Policy from the University of Reading and a B.A. in Economics from the American University of Beirut. His work mainly focuses on Lebanese politics and political economy, namely international donor conferences, parliamentary elections, and monitoring legislative production and reform.

Twitter: @samizog

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