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Understanding the Lebanese Economic Crisis: An Interview with Ziad Abu-Rish

Ziad Abu-Rish

Photo by Purino via Shutterstock
Interviewed by Shahram Aghamir
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In this timely interview with Ziad Abu-Rish, VOMENA's Shahram Aghamir asks about Lebanon's economic crisis, it's worst in decades. Part 1 features discussion on the roots of the economic crisis and its connection to developmental failures. Part 2 centers on the protest movement and the implications of the coronavirus.


Ziad Abu-Rish
Ziad Abu-Rish

Editor of the Arab Studies Journal and Co-Editor of Jadaliyya.

Ziad Abu-Rish is Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Ohio University. He is co-editor of The Dawn of the Arab Uprisings: End of An Older Order? (2012), and author of Protests, Regime Stability, and the History of Authoritarian State Formation in Jordan in the forthcoming edited volume Beyond the Arab Spring: The Evolving Ruling Bargain in the Middle East (2014).

In addition to his publications, Ziad serves as one of the senior editors of the Arab Studies Journal. Ziad is co-editor of Jadaliyya. His co-authored Jadaliyya articles can be found here.

Twitter: @ziadaburish

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