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From Despair Comes Hope: Dima Yassin on the Iraqi Revolution

Dima Yassine

Photo: Detail from event promo for Dina Yassine's film "Once Upon a Day in Tahrir"
Interviewed by Adel Iskandar
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In this interview, artist and filmmaker, Dima Yassin, discusses her long overdue visit to Iraq at the height of the country's revolution. She reflects on the sociopolitical transformations happening in the country, the role that women play in the uprising, and her new film shot from Baghdad's revolutionary epicentre, Tahrir Square. 


Dima Yassine
Dima Yassine

Iraqi-Canadian visual artist, writer and researcher.

Dima Yassine's work and writing tackles the importance of the role art and gender activism is playing in the political and social change in the Middle East. She is also a co-editor in Jadaliyya e-zine. Her work appeared in a number of renowned Arabic and English Journals like France 24, Jeem and Masharef.

She holds a Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies form Simon Fraser University in Canada. She writes poetry in her spare time and published a book of poetry in Arabic, Shajarat al Narinj (The Narinj Tree). 

Twitter: @dimayassine3

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