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Tadween Talks: "The Dawn of the Arab Uprisings" with Ziad Abu-Rish

Ziad Abu-Rish

Photo courtesy of Tadween Publishing
Interviewed by Jonathan Adler
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In this interview, Jonathan Adler, managing editor of Tadween Publishing, sits down with Ziad Abu-Rish to discuss The Dawn of the Uprisings, the growth of Jadaliyya as an archive, and the current wave of protests across the Middle East and North Africa.

About the Book:

The Dawn of the Arab Uprisings sheds light on the historical background and initial impact of the mass uprisings that have shaken the Arab world since December 2010. The book brings together the best writers from the online journal Jadaliyya, which has established itself as an unparalleled source of information and critical analysis on the Middle East.

The authors, many of whom live in the countries affected, provide unique understanding and first-hand accounts of events that have received superficial and partial coverage in Western and Arab media alike. While the book focuses on those states that have been most affected by the uprisings, it also covers the impact on Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq.

The Dawn of the Arab Uprisings covers the full range of issues involved in these historic events, from political economy and the role of social media, to international politics, gender and labor, making this the ideal one-stop introduction to the events for the novice and specialist alike.

To read more about this book, follow this link:…ab-uprisings-1


Ziad Abu-Rish
Ziad Abu-Rish

Editor of the Arab Studies Journal and Co-Editor of Jadaliyya.

Ziad Abu-Rish is Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Ohio University. He is co-editor of The Dawn of the Arab Uprisings: End of An Older Order? (2012), and author of Protests, Regime Stability, and the History of Authoritarian State Formation in Jordan in the forthcoming edited volume Beyond the Arab Spring: The Evolving Ruling Bargain in the Middle East (2014).

In addition to his publications, Ziad serves as one of the senior editors of the Arab Studies Journal. Ziad is co-editor of Jadaliyya. His co-authored Jadaliyya articles can be found here.

Twitter: @ziadaburish

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