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The Popular Mass Revolt in Iraq

Sinan Antoon

Interviewed by Shahram Aghamir
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Protesters took to the streets of Baghdad once again on October 25. To get a better picture of what is happening in Iraq and the role of the U.S. and regional players in that country, VOMENA's Shahram Aghamir spoke with NY Professor Sinan Antoon.

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Ever since a new wave of protests erupted in Baghdad on October 1 and quickly spread to several southern cities, Iraq has been rocked by demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience rooted in long-standing grievances over unemployment, inadequate services, economic mismanagement and corruption. The security forces have responded harshly; killing more than 260 protestors and injuring thousands more. Nevertheless, the unrest continues, and the protestors have expanded their demands to include an overhaul of Iraq’s political structure, which was established after the U.S. led invasion in 2003.

Sinan Antoon is a celebrated poet, novelist, translator, and scholar of modern Arabic literature and contemporary Arab culture and politics at the Gallatin school at NYU. His latest novel is titled 'The Book Of Collateral Damage'. 


Sinan Antoon
Sinan Antoon

Poet, Novelist, Translator

Sinan Antoon is a poet, novelist, and translator. He has published two collections of poetry and three novels. His last novel was The Corpse Washer. Sinan is a member of the Editorial Review Board of the Arab Studies Journal. He is an associate professor at the Gallatin School, New York University and co-founder of Jadaliyya and co-editor of its Culture Page. You can follow him on Twitter: @sinanantoon.

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