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A Director in Exile: The Hopes, Dreams & Determination of Innas Hakki

Inas Hakki

Photo: Innas Hakki
Interviewed by Raghad Al Makhlouf
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A dialogue with Inas Hakki, a Syrian director, about motherland and alienation. Inas has directed several Syrian TV drama series, but now she lives with her husband, writer Ghasan Zakaria, in France. They were forced to leave Syria, and now they are trying to build a new life in France.


Inas Hakki
Inas Hakki

Co-founder of the production company "Under 35"

Inas Hakki is a Syrian director and a graduate of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus, Syria. She directed her first documentary film in 2003, then moved to directing TV shows such as Zaman Al Khawf (Times of Fear, 2007), Rae'hat Al Matar (Scent of the Rain, 2008) and Asswatt Khafita (Low Voices, 2009), among others. During the 2011 revolution, Hakki was put on the Syrian regime's blacklist and for her expressions and work.

Along with husband Gassan Zakaria, Hakki launched the production company Under 35, dedicated to launching an alternative TV channel on YouTube. An online magazine also came out of the project, specialized in teaching filmmaking skills to Syrian activists.

Twitter: @Inas_Hakki

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