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Singer Hamsa Mounif Searches for a Future Away from War

Hamsa Mounif

Photo: Hamsa Mounif, Facebook
Interviewed by Raghad Al Makhlouf
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Between Damascus and London, Hamsa Mounif, a rising Syrian singer, has established a lot in a short period of time. She participated in several concerts both in Syria and around the world. She left Syria to England looking for better opportunities. She is trying to survive there, despite nostalgia and homesickness.


Hamsa Mounif
Hamsa Mounif

Toured Europe with the Orchestra of Syrian Musicians; currently based in the UK. 

Hamsa Mounif studied at the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus, Syria. She has performed with the National Orchestra of Syria, Najah Slam, the Orchestra of Nazer Mouass, among other artists and ensembles. 

Twitter: @MounifHamsa

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