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Ali Mushaima's Hunger Strike by the Bahraini Embassy

Ali Mushaima

Mohamad-Ali Nayel
Interviewed by Mohamad-Ali Nayel
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Ali Mushaima is currently camped outside the Bahraini embassy in London protesting the “slow killing” of his father who is serving a life sentence in Bahrain. On the second day of Eid al-Adha Status host Mohamad-Ali sat with Ali on the sidewalk outside the embassy. By the 22nd of August Ali had been on hunger strike for twenty-two day but no one from the Bahraini embassy had made any contact with him. Instead, on the 11th of August the embassy attempted to remove Ali by pouring water and other liquids on and around Ali’s encampment while he was fast asleep in his sleeping bag.


Ali Mushaima
Ali Mushaima

Ali Mushaima is a Bahraini political refugee residing in London since 2006. The Bahraini regime issued prison sentences against him reaching up to 45 years, also revoking his citizenship.

Ali Mushaima, a political refugee based in London, is the son of the jailed Bahraini opposition leader Hassan Mushaima. At the start of August 2018 Ali began a hunger strike in front of the Bahraini Embassy in London in protest of the “slow killing” of his father.  

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