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The Story of a Syrian Opera Singer in Exile

Lubana Al Quntar

Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images
Interviewed by Raghad Al Makhlouf
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Status host Raghad Al Makhlouf speaks with Lubana Al Quntar, a Syrian opera singer from Suwayda (a Druze stronghold south of Damascus), who had to flee the country because of her political opinions. Al Quntar has lived in the United States since 2011 and describes the difficulties and challenges she faced both personally and professionally in this transition. 


Lubana Al Quntar
Lubana Al Quntar

Soloist trained in traditional Arabic singing. 

Professor Lubana Al Quntar was born and raised in Damascus Syria. Although Lubana was raised in a family of traditional singers, she was also trained in classical international conservatories under the supervision of world renowned opera singers like Galina Khaldieva, Kenneth Woollam, and Maestra Mya Besselink. Lubana's rare vocal ability enabled her to sing a wide repertoire in classical songs, folk, traditional, Pop, and classical opera as a dramatic coloratura soprano.

Lubana achieved the highest standard for her ability to variate between different Western and Arabic techniques as a soloist in opera and traditional Arabic singing. Lubana won the title of the First Arab Opera Singer from Syria and has received highest international fame and recognition. For more information, visit her official website here.

Twitter: @lubanaaluntar

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