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An Actor's Journey After 18 Months in Syrian Detention

Ahmad Kiki

Photo: Musiktheater Lupe
Interviewed by Raghad Al Makhlouf
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The interview is a dialogue with Ahmad Kiki, a Syrian young actor, who graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus, Syria. Two years after his graduation, Kiki found himself in a prison, arrested because he stood up for freedom and justice in Syria. In this interview, Kiki recounts a painful story about fleeing from Syria to Turkey in a dangerous trip he had to make by sea. Even so, this journey of fear and suffering fortunately has a happy ending.


Ahmad Kiki
Ahmad Kiki

Based in Germany and featured in theater, TV and stage productions.

Ahmad Kiki was born in 1986 in Damascus, Syria, and graduated from the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts in Damascus. He then worked as an actor in theater (in productions of MACBETH and DIE MÖWE) as well as in film (DREAM OF A CITY, HONORING) and television (CALENDAR, IT HAPPENED IN DAMASCUS). In 2015, after being held prisoner for standing up for freedom and justice in Syria, Kiki fled to Turkey, where he acted in the television series FACES AND PLACES. 

He has lived in Osnabrück, Germany since 2016 and has acted in productions of WOLLE AND GACK of the Musiktheater Lupe as well as in DIE PROBE - GALIXEA IN DEUTSCHMANIA in Göttingen. In October 2017, Kiki joined the Osnabrück acting ensemble for a season as an Artist-in-Residence.

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