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The European Union's Complicity in Refugee Abuse in Libya

Marwa Mohamed, Gabriele Proglio

Photo: ECHO / M. Eick
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Mira Nabulsi, contributor for Voices of the Middle East and North Africa (VOMENA), conducts two interviews on how European governments are actively supporting a system of abuse and exploitation of refugees and migrants by the Libya’s Coast Guard, its detention authorities and its smugglers in order to stop migrants from crossing the Mediterranean.

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Marwa Mohamed
Marwa Mohamed

Based at Amnesty International’s Regional Office for North Africa.

Marwa Mohamed is a researcher and expert on Libya, working for Amnesty International's Regional Office for North Africa in Tunisia. 

Twitter: @MarwaMohamedAI

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Gabriele Proglio
Gabriele Proglio

Based at the Centre for Social Studies, at the University of Coimbra, in Portugal.

Gabriele Proglio received his PhD in Cultural History at the University of Turin (Italy) with a research project about Italian colonial imaginaries. His research interests are cultural and oral history; postcolonial, gender, queer and post-human theory; border and migration studies with a particular focus on Africa and Europe. 

Some of his recent publications include, Decolonizing the Meditteranean: European Colonial Heritages in North Africa and the Middle East (Cambridge Scholars Publishing). 

Twitter: @gabrieleproglio

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