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Governing Rojava: Layers of Legitimacy in Syria

Rana Khalaf

Free Kurdistan / Flickr
Interviewed by Katty Alhayek
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Rana Khalaf discusses her new research project "Governing Rojava" and "Women in Emerging Syrian Media."


Rana Khalaf
Rana Khalaf

 Independent Syrian research consultant.

 Rana Khalaf is the author of several key publications on Syria that seek to bridge the gap between academia and the worlds of civil society, activism and policy-making. Her research spans across conflict, governance, state building, civil-society, youth and peace building. Having completed an academy senior fellowship at Chatham House, Rana continues to run her own consultancy. Some of the key organizations she has been providing consultancy for include the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, Badael Foundation and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, the UNDP Bureau for Development Policy and the League of Arab States. Rana is now an academy associate with Chatham House and also a non-resident fellow with the Centre for Syrian Studies at the University of Saint Andrews and an part of bodies and civil society networks working on Syria and the Levant.

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